BCKPC - Project

Project Details

Sante Women's Healthcare Office

The main focus of the design process for this new healthcare facility was to utilize state-of-the-art technology while providing a warm, relaxed, and comfortable environment for patients. This challenge was met by the design of a 5,200 sq ft, single story clinic that features a private entry, uses natural materials on both the interior and exterior of the building, which outfits the lobby to feel like an upscale hospitality space, and incorporates the technology required to perform the procedures that best serve patients without appearing too mechanized and antiseptic.

In conjunction with the arrangement of the building and entrance on the site, the interior space was arranged for privacy. The exam rooms are situated in two pods accessed by semi-private corridors that feed into the main corridor spine of the building. This arrangement also provides the staff with some separation between office and lab space and patient space. In order to provide both privacy and natural light in the all of the exam rooms, windows with etched privacy glass were placed high on the walls.