BCKPC - Project

Project Details

Sherburne-Earlville Elementary School

At Sherburne-Earlville Central School District, BCK-IBI Group provided design services for a 2,815 sq. ft. band room addition to the existing elementary school.

The design concept was developed to model a digital music theatre. Performers can play either traditional or digital instruments anywhere in the room, record their sessions, listen to playbacks of recordings, and make adjustments while performing again. This was achieved through an integrated design of the floor slab system with cabling ductwork for data and power, as well as acoustical modeling and design of the interior performance envelope. The room was equipped with a full array of media equipment for video presentations, training programs, and lectures. 

A strong emphasis of the project was sustainable design.  The addition’s features maximize day light harvesting, including structure orientation, clear story windows, occupancy sensors, automatic dimmers, and tubular daylight devices, which have been highlighted by the forms of the ceiling and can be used as a teaching tool with students.