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Civil / Site Engineering

Site design forms the first impression of many facilities. The approach and ease of entering, circulating, and parking all contribute to the user’s initial visual and functional experience. Good traffic flow, parking ease, pedestrian circulation, and safety are paramount to BCK-IBI Group’s approach to site planning and design. Most of our school projects begin with site planning and design alternatives to solve circulation issues such as conflicting streams of traffic – buses, staff, visitors, and students, while providing additional parking on limited sites, within realistic budgets. We study pedestrian circulation patterns and work with staff and administration to update and facilitate a good, safe, ADA compliant pedestrian path to all facilities.

Civil / Site Engineering Capabilities

  • Site layout and design
  • Utility layout and design: water, sanitary, drainage
  • Grading and erosion control design
  • Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP) preparation and permitting
  • Site screening and feasibility studies
  • Green building design and green infrastructure implementation
  • Code compliance review and permitting: zoning, ADA, NYSDEC, NYSDOT, FAA
  • Vehicular and pedestrian circulation studies
  • Athletic field design
  • Force protection and site access design